Allergy Alert Test


Allergy Alert test

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Allergy Alert Test

An allergy alert test (or patch test) must be carried out between 2-5 days before any colour service if you have not had colour in the last 12 months at Hatstand Nelly, or it is your first visit to us.

While the majority of people who have their hair coloured experience no problems, a small number of people have the potential to become allergic to some ingredients in hair colourants.

The hair dye PPD (paraphenylenediamine or p-phenylenediamine) is most often associated with allergic reactions to hair colourants. Among other things, this can also be present in temporary make up tattoos and can increase the risk of a reaction.

Other triggers can include changing medication, stress, or there can be no apparent reason,  and can happen at any time whether you have had colour before or not.

If you have an allergic reaction, the likelihood is you will have one again which means colour may not be an option in the future for you. By patch testing, we can help reduce the chances of this by possibly avoiding a full blown reaction.

We hope you understand we will never put our clients health at risk and will always ask for this test to be carried out.

Tattoos/Permanent make-up

PPD is sometimes used illegally in so-called ‘black henna’ temporary tattoos. 

This can lead to a strong reaction to otherwise safe products such as hair colourants, which also contain PPD.

Certain substances found in some permanent or temporary tattoos and potentially in permanent make-up can also cause an allergic reaction. 

This can cause clients an increased risk of reaction when they have a hair colour, which means we need to check it is safe to proceed by carrying out an allergy alert test.
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