Juice Bar


Juice Bar

With a live juice or smoothie, you can enjoy all the nutrients required by your body and give yourself a boost. 
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Hatstand nelly juice & coffee bar

Enjoy drinks in our chilled juice bar or pop in to take away.
From smoothies and freshly squeezed juices to Fairtrade coffees, chocolate and speciality teas.

Juice & Smoothie Menu


The National Cancer Institute recommends eating between five and eight servings of fruit and vegetables daily, but less than 10% of us actually do so. 

On any given day, 80-90% of the population is deficient in one or more of the most common vitamins and minerals.

Quick Shots

Supplements are an easy way of adding a ‘quick shot’ to your daily nutritional intake, whether in tablet, capsule, liquid or powder form.
Combining your choice of supplement with juices and smoothies, Hatstand Nelly offers you a convenient and healthy boost.

Hatstand Coffee

If Juices are not for you, we offer a wide range of hot drinks.

Introducing fairtrade 

The purpose behind the Fairtrade Mark is to strengthen the economic position of disadvantaged farmers and producers in the developing world. 

Unfortunately, the advantages of international trade are not visible for everyone. 

For small farmers, access to markets and price information is difficult and, as a result, many become increasingly dependent on middlemen. 

Many endure low pay, an unsafe working environment and poor living conditions.

The fairtrade mark

This is a certification label awarded to products sourced from the developing world that meet internationally recognised standards of fair trade. 

It is both a tool to attract consumers’ attention and a guarantee to the consumer that Fairtrade standards have been met.

It creates a level playing field – an external standard below which companies cannot drop, allowing competition to operate without damaging the producers at the end of the supply chain.

pavilion garden fairtrade tea

Pavilion Garden Fairtrade Tea by Matthew Algie

A treat for the taste buds as much as a pleasure for the eyes. 

Pavilion Garden is our range of high-quality teas, each designed to infuse beautifully.

chocolate abyss

Chocolate Abyss by Matthew Algie

It’s not just for bedtime and it’s not just for kids. 

Chocolate Abyss is a gourmet treat for adults and a different beverage compared to your average hot chocolate.

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