Smoothing & Straightening systems


Smoothing & straightening systems

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Keraspa Smoothing System

The KeraSpa smoothing system is a Brazilian blow dry designed to smooth the hair physically, not chemically, helping to increase manageability, reduce drying time, control frizz and generally give you complete control over your hair.
Long lasting results - up to 3 months or more, without damaging the structure of your hair.

If you think Keraspa is for you, please call for a consultation.

£220 with homecare (sulphate free shampoo & conditioner appropriate for your hair type)
£196 without homecare


This system was developed not only to straighten wavy or curly hair but also to restore and revive it. Everyone assumes the straightening process damages hair but Yuko can turn damaged hair healthy, and make it glossier and shinier.

Most straightening lotions are applied in two stages. The first stage is to loosen the protein bonds in the hair to take the curl away. The second stage reseals the bonds and fixes them in a straight shape. If the protein bonds are not restored cleanly the hair will lose elasticity and shine, will not straighten properly and become dull and lifeless.

Yuko Straightening System uses a permanent chemical which reseals cleanly, repairs and reconstructs hair in a straight, smooth shape at cellular level, with the use of a temperature controlled iron. 

The keys to this process are the advanced permanent chemical, the temperature controlled iron that fixes the shape, the PPT Pro Treatment applied before application and the advanced treatment applied after the procedure. PPT Pro contains collagen, keratin, silk protein and other proteins that are naturally present in the hair.

If you think Yuko is for you, please call for a consultation. 

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